The all-too-short life of Brandon Ellingson: Part II

The Missouri Highway Patrol is absolutely one of the most incompetent law enforcement agencies that I’ve ever witnessed. I’m sure that the “coroner’s inquest” will attempt to absolve Piercy of any wrong doing.

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I love to see a reporter take dead aim on a subject and keep hammering at it until whatever mystery surrounds it has been laid bare.

That’s exactly what The Star’s Laura Bauer is doing on the case of Brandon Ellingson, the 20-year-old Iowa man who needlessly and shockingly drowned at the Lake of the Ozarks this spring while in the custody of a Missouri High Patrolman on watercraft duty.

Last Sunday, Bauer produced a 2,900-word expose on the case, essentially showing that, after taking Ellingson into custody for boating while intoxicated, Officer Anthony Piercy put the wrong type of life vest on Ellingson and put it on in such a way that, minutes later, when Ellingson was in the water, the life vest popped off his shoulders and he drowned in 70-feet of water.

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That story was horrifying, saddening and maddening. It clearly showed that Piercy’s carelessness…

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